Visit Tiran Island, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia – one of the most powerful Arab countries, located in the gulf and known for its deeply rooted culture and the religion of Islam, deserts, oil, and more – but, did you know that there are beautiful islands that are off the Mediterranean between the beautiful Gulf Country and Egypt? If you’re thinking of taking a holiday and are looking for something tropical in the region – Tiran island is a must-see.

The History

Tiran is an island belonging to Saudi Arabia at the entrance of the Strait of Tiran, which separates the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba. The island is leased to Egypt, to support the presence of observation posts controlled by the Multinational Force and Observers and an Egyptian Coastal Patrol post. It is of strategic significance in the area, as it forms the narrowest section of the Strait of Tiran, which is an important sea passage to ports in Jordan and Palestine.

The Island

Located at the entrance of the straits of Tiran, Tiran Island is a must-see destination. While the clear blue waters surrounding the island are a diver’s paradise, the island alone is worth the 1-hour boat excursions and tours because its stunning beaches are just as gorgeous as the underwater wonders below.

The water is 1800 m deep in this part of the Aqaba Gulf and it is very probable to spot sharks, manta rays, barracuda, and other underwater wildlife in the deeper waters. Would you try out this experience?

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