Hidden Gem Cities: Bosa, Italy

Tucked away on a small hill in the Sardinia region of Italy, lies the charming town of Bosa. The town itself is absolutely lovely, with an unmistakable Mediterranean flair to the architecture. But not just the structures are easy on the eyes. Bosa also benefits from some truly stunning natural surroundings, with plenty of green hills and valleys, the Mediterranean coast, and the river Temo framing its sometimes pastel facades. While evidence of people inhabiting the region dates back to prehistoric times, the modern day town of Bosa was founded in 1112. Today it offers visitors a taste of the past, beautiful scenery, lovely beaches, and plenty of modern conveniences. This is one spot you just might want to add to your next adventure in Italy. Here’s what we wouldn’t want to miss:

Storm The Castle

Il Castello di Bosa, also sometimes called Malaspina Castle, was built in the middle ages by the Malaspina family. When it was built in the 12th century, it was meant to be as much of a fortification and a look-out as a home. The area was under frequent attacks from both armies and pirates, and the structure’s sturdy walls and placement atop high hills made for an excellent fortification. Today, the castle isn’t exactly in the best state of repair. But, entry costs only a very small fee and it’s well worth a visit. There are still some really lovely frescoes to see as well, especially within the small church on site.

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Bosa is situated on a small hill on the west coast of Sardinia. The 🌈 colored town looks more like a painting than real life. Bosa is renowned for its desert wine, Malvasia 🍷. If you book in advance, tastings can be arranged with many of the local producers. . . . . follow @dreamtravveller for more travel content! . . . 📷: @paulmichael 📍 captions @beautifuldestinations . . . . . #bosa #bosaitaly #ig_italy #italy_illife #italian_places #italy_latvia #italy_stop #italygram #italian_trips #italy_passion #yallersitalia #top_italia_photo #igersitalia #instaitalia #ig_italia #italy_hidden_gems #volgoitalia #italy_ig #italytrip #travel #italy #italia #italy_photolovers #italy_lovers #italiainunoscatto #italytravel #italya #italy_vacations

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Hit The Beach(es)

If you find yourself in Bosa, you’ll have a really hard decision to make when it comes to which beach to hit up first. The closest is Bosa Marina, and is located right in front of the village. This beach is pretty large, with a length of nearly 900 meters and a width of up to 130 meters. It’s also very well equipped, with plenty of access to umbrellas and beach chairs. A quick bit of refreshment is also just steps away with many eateries quite nearby.

However, if you’re looking for something a bit more secluded, you’ll want to check out Cumpultittu. Feed your inner adrenaline junkie and do a bit of cliff diving from this gorgeous cove beach. Insta-gurrrlies will love the stunning rock formations and crystal waters. This beach gets high marks for beauty all around, but be advised there are no facilities here.

Sample The Local Flavors

It’s said that you can’t visit Bosa and not try the local seafood. Bosa is filled with great little restaurants, cafes and eateries, many within historic buildings along cobblestone streets. You’ll find plenty of options for every taste. Sardinian culinary staples and regional favorites abound, but you can also find some killer pizza. Can you have bad pizza in Italy? That’s a question we’d love to find the answer to by doing some really exhaustive taste testing.

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