Hidden Gem Travel: Limoges, France

If Limoges sounds at all familiar, chances are good that you might have heard of one of its most famous exports: porcelain. Limoges was founded back around 10 BC, when it was known as Augustoritum. It was an important Roman city with a temple to Venus, an amphitheater,baths, and even its own currency. But, it was in the 12th century that it would begin its early development of the now world-famous porcelain that shares the city’s namesake. Today, the city is a bit of a hidden gem when it comes to travel. It’s often passed up by tourists for other French cities, but it is well worth a visit. There’s plenty to see, and the destination is full of that old-world European charm. Here’s what not to miss.

Musee National Adrien Debouche

Can one really go to Limoges and not hit up this museum? Here you’ll find around 300,000 ceramic items on display, including some of the very first pieces ever created in the Limoges’ kilns. This is also France’s national museum for the craft of ceramic and porcelain making. Pieces run the gamut from antique to modern, and showcase not only the local craft, but items from all over the world. Even if you’re not super into ceramics, there is some really impressive things here that are sure to wow you.

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Jardin Botanique De L’Eveche

It’s always good to take time to stop and smell the roses, especially on vacation. You’ll get ample chance here, as the Eveche Gardens boast more than 5000 rose bushes alone. There’s also over 1,000 other various species of flora to marvel over. The gardens are composed of babbling fountains, six terraces which offer stunning views of the river Vienne, ponds, and flowers galore. Well worth a visit for a bit of relaxation and beauty.

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Gare Des Benedictins

Alright, yes, it’s a train station. But, it’s an absolutely gorgeous train station! It is considered one of the last monumental train stations in France, and one of the most beautiful in all of Europe. Built between 1927 and 1929, the building and interior features a stunning mix of art-deco and neoclassical features and designs. Show-stoppers include the stained glass skylight tucked into a copper dome and a 60 meter high clock tower.

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Les Halles Centrales

Calling all foodies, you’re going to want to stop here. This covered market is a treasure trove of local delicacies and food stuffs. Designers of the market were heavily inspired by the works of Gustave Eiffel, and the building is interesting to look at. But, it’s the food here that’s the real draw.

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Rue De La Boucherie

If you’re looking for that quintessential medieval Europe feel, this is where you’ll want to be in Limoges. The area gets it name as it used to be where the butchers’ guild was once found back during that time period. Today, this historic area is full of quaint and charming shops, inviting cafes, and picturesque surroundings. It’s perfect for a leisurely stroll that will have you feeling like you went back in time.

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