An Artist A Day: Hanane El Ouardani

Throughout this month, The Modern East has taken the initiative of showcasing some of the most talented Arab artists out there in a series we like to call “An Artist A Day“. From paintings and drawings to illustrations and photography, we are so excited to display these incredible artists, for your enjoyment.

There are so many wonderful artists born and bred within the Arab community; artists that we believe deserve to be highlighted and appreciated. There really is no better feeling than a reflection of your community in the art you consume.

Hanane El Ouardani

The next artist we’re excited to introduce to you is Hanane El Ouardani, a 25 year old Moroccan-Dutch photographer. Born and raised in the Netherlands, Hanane finished her studies in photography on The Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague.

Hanane, while envious of those who have a sense of clear and solid belonging, happily spends her life looking in from the outside.  Her method of practice is to infiltrate into a group and then to display the reality from a certain distance, allowing the viewer to feel related to. Alive and real. She has an eye for tactility and utilises nature, bringing it into an intimate composition. In her work she’s often inspired by representations, home and stereotypes.

Hanane has had her work translated into a book “The skies are blue, the walls are red”, multiple exhibitions, and ongoing commissioned projects. Hanane is known for her rose-tinted, delicate imagery highlighting the beauty of life in Morocco. Her images are packed with emotions, romanticism stories and are equally as bold as they are colorful.


EDTRL x Hanane El Ouardani 12.jpg

EDTRL x Hanane El Ouardani 05.jpg

EDTRL x Hanane El Ouardani 18.jpg

EDTRL x Hanane El Ouardani 04.jpg

EDTRL x Hanane El Ouardani 16.jpg

Make sure to check her out!

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