An Artist A Day: Shahad Nazer

Throughout this month, The Modern East has taken the initiative of showcasing some of the most talented Arab artists out there. From paintings and drawings to illustrations and photography, we are so excited to display these incredible artists, for your enjoyment.

To so many of us, art goes way past surface level beauty. It is a language that goes beyond words, an inexhaustible source of human expression, connectivity and passion. To so many, art is where understanding and peace is found; be it the artist or the consumer. No matter the medium, art tells stories, elicits emotions from deep within us and allows us to connect in ways that surpasses what we’ve previously thought to be the height of human connection.

There are so many wonderful artists born and bred within the Arab community; artists that we believe deserve to be highlighted and appreciated. There really is no better feeling than a reflection of your community in the art you consume.

Shahad Nazer

The artist we’re excited to introduce to you today is Shahad Nazer, a 24 year old Saudi/Egyptian collage artist. Someone we’ve had the pleasure of speaking to, allowing us to gain an intimate view of her journey, as well as her relationship with art.

Shahad inherited her passion for the arts from her artist parents, beginning her journey at the ripe age of 10 years old. She spent a lot of her time developing her skills through pencil sketching, and in 2017 made the venture into digital art. There, the collage artist we know and love was born.

This, for her, was really a deployment into the ultimate human expression; where she found her place as an artist. Collage art quickly became her favorite source of self-proclamation.

Shahad told us “I think I would describe my art as dreamy, emotional, and empowering.” Her work varies between incredibly imaginative, dreamy pieces to others that are emotional and powerful. She says “almost every artwork has a story or a message behind it that I’m trying to convey. Especially the ones that tackle societal issues or the ones empowering women”.

Shahad continuously uses her art and her platform to empower women as well as shed light on mental health issues.

“My journey has been really amazing so far,” she says, “I’ve had my art featured at galleries in Belgium, Turkey, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London”. The Saudi Arabia based artist has even participated in a US charity auction to help raise money for refugees.

“Being able to express my feelings and translating my unspoken thoughts into an artwork means a lot to me, especially when it touches people’s emotions as well, it means I’m doing something good, I’m leaving a mark in my society. I may be a tiny human, but my dreams are bigger than the sun, moon, and stars combined.”

We really hope Shahad’s art made you feel something. Make sure to check her out on Instagram!

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