An Artist A Day: Stephany Sanossian

Throughout this month, The Modern East has taken the initiative of showcasing some of the most talented Arab artists out there in a series we like to call “An Artist A Day“. From paintings and drawings to illustrations and photography, we are so excited to display these incredible artists, for your enjoyment.

There are so many wonderful artists born and bred within the Arab community; artists that we believe deserve to be highlighted and appreciated. There really is no better feeling than a reflection of your community in the art you consume.

Stephany Sanossian

The next artist we’re pleased to present to you is Stephany Sanossian, a Syrian artist that, if she had to, would label herself as a Visual Designer and Trend Forecaster.

With her home country painted in imagery of wreckage and despair, Stephany turns to art to remember, and bring light to, what treasures have been buried. Her mission: to breathe life back into the place she calls home.

Despite this, Stephany is an artist who does not limit her scope of expression. Her art is a reflection of her universe, and in it others can see their own reflected too.

It would make sense to say that Stephany began her journey about three years ago whilst undergoing her masters degree in Barcelona. But in reality, Stephany tells us, she had found refuge in art long before that. She shares, “while some people express themselves through writing, I express myself through indulging in the world of art”. Art, to her, has forever been an outlet for human expression.

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In creating digital collages, she chooses not to limit her work to any particular or focused message. She likes to believe that her work is multidimensional, and is open to people’s interpretation. She tells us, “I believe the way people engage with works of art is very different and relative”.

Her drive to create what can’t be defined is fuelled by her fascination with the unique perspectives that arise from diverse backgrounds. She tells us that seeing how different people interpret her art is a constant learning experience that holds great value to her.

Much of her art orbits around her home country, Syria. She tells us that she wants her work to be a constant reminder of the beautiful treasures that lie there. Stephany declares that, while the war did take away some of these treasures, it could never erase the memory of what is most precious to the people of Syria.

She tells us, “with all that has happened in Syria, I became sick of seeing the cradle of civilization reduced into pieces of stones, rubble, and ash.

I want to add color. I want to add good vibes and good energy”.

“I put my heart and soul into every piece of work I create. Every pixel of my digital canvas holds a special place in me. Some trigger beautiful memories spent in my hometown, others bring back treasured moments”.

Stephany proclaims: “To live in the past is to fail to move forward. I want people to look forward and build a better future. I want to focus on what the future holds, and not what the past has tormented”.

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