Café Culture: Pure South

You may have noticed a few of the new cafes that have landed here in Dubai and if you’re like me your weekends aren’t nearly as long as they need to be for you to explore and test out each one. So this week’s focus is on Pure South in The Greens.

Pure South is a foodie’s heaven. Stacked floor to ceiling with Australian gourmet deli treats, you’ll want to spend at least an hour exploring all the different types of pastas, oils, gluten free goodies, matcha, kombucha, organic, vegan, paleo, tapenades, fresh goods, homewares and body care…

Now onto the important stuff: the caffeine. The baristas here absolutely crush it with their coffee making abilities. A delicious blend roasted in Sydney, it has 3 distinct flavour profiles so you can really choose your own adventure. The farmer’s blend is organic and balanced, the city blend has been carefully curated and the outlaw blend is for those days when you’re needing something a lil’ more intense. They offer a variety of non-dairy milks for my fellow lacto-free friends too, which is a nice change from some other ‘specialty’ coffee houses here. The coffees are served in ACME cups meaning the attention to detail in replicating a legit Aussie café is bang on, the whole experience is basically like taking a trip to Australia.

If caffeine’s not your thing, they have a scrumptious counter filled with freshly made tasty treats and personally recommend the peanut butter chocolate cake (still having dreams about it now TBH). If you’re still not convinced, there’s a beautiful area upstairs where you can sit, escape and work from (there’s even a hanging chair if that takes your fancy!) – so trust me when I say, go check out Pure South ASAP.

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