There’s An App for That: Sippy

So, what is Sippy I hear you ask? Well, let’s give you the 411 on the coolest and most caffeinated app to land (actually launch) on our desert dunes. As a self-confessed coffee snob, it was music to my ears. Sippy is homegrown subscription based mobile coffee app that offers its users prepaid coffee plans whilst partnering with local and independent specialty coffee shops in the UAE.

Now that’s their words, but basically what I love about it is it’s developed by people who are genuinely and proudly obsessed with coffee, essentially, they are my spirit animals. They developed the app because they were sick of the big guys always winning. It’s your modern-day David and Goliath (try and guess which camp Starbucks and Costa falls into) and giving the local smaller brands a fighting chance. Honestly, how cool is that.

Now look, I know obviously there is a bunch of people out there who don’t mind the dark side mass produced coffee beans but even if I make one of you step into the light of the artisanal coffee ways, I’ll be happy.

The coffee app shows you all the amazing coffee shops in the UAE which have been vetted by the team of Sippy, so you know you’re in for a good cup of Joe.

Now if you’re like me and have your own grinder and machine at home and prefer to brew your own coffee, no worries – this app also allows you to browse by local roasters serving up some of the freshest beans in town.

The beauty of the app is really it’s a loyalty program so instead of carrying 10 different hole-punched cards in your wallet, you’ve got a consolidated portfolio of the best specialty coffee houses in town and the purchase plans allow you to start saving on every cup you sip.

BRB, the caffeine is calling.

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