An Artist A Day: Mais Ahmad

Throughout this month, The Modern East has taken the initiative of showcasing some of the most talented Arab artists out there in a series we like to call “An Artist A Day“. From paintings and drawings to illustrations and photography, we are so excited to display these incredible artists, for your enjoyment.

The connection one has with art is not an obvious one. It is a bond unintelligible to the naked eye. Art embodies stories and emotions, it makes us think about ourselves, makes us see the world we live in with a wholly different lens. It evokes passion and empathy; digs something deep, previously untouched, from within the crevices of our hearts.

There are so many wonderful artists born and bred within the Arab community; artists that we believe deserve to be highlighted and appreciated. There really is no better feeling than a reflection of your community in the art you consume.

Mais Ahmad

The artist we’re pleased to introduce to you today is Mais Ahmad, a 21 year old Syrian freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator. In conversation with Mais, the door to the world of surreal art opened, and with it her journey to the supernatural.

From childhood, Mais took interest in creative activities, whether it be building structures, taking pictures, or doodling.

In her senior year of high school, she began painting. This was a pivotal moment in her life, a time in which she discovered a more expressive approach to art, where she began creating artworks that depicted emotion, thoughts, and concepts.

This, Mais tells us, is where her relationship with art truly bloomed.

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Reconnection. A self portrait #illustration #art #surreal

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During her years studying Graphic Design at university, she began to explore a “supernatural” realm within her art. She pushed pause on painting and spent her free time drawing illustrations digitally and manually that were “focused on spirituality”. She also began making music for the first time. Now, when she isn’t working for clients, she likes to make art and music that “represent the emotional and magical sides of being human”.

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Revelation. #illustration #art #surreal

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To do this, Mais demonstrates human interaction with stones, light, nature, or clouds. She tells us, “I feel as though, as we exist on Earth amongst other living things and beings, we are meant to experience our life wholeheartedly, in pure contact with Mother Nature, people, animals, plants; to have a general feeling of love and appreciation for all of that around us”.

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Mother Nature. . . . . . #illustration #art #sketch

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“In my life, I’d like to create art that symbolizes our connection with earth, love, and freedom.”

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Answer. #illustration #art

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Mais has worked locally and internationally with clients on their album artworks, branding designs, logos, posters, and more; so far, most of her work has been with musicians. She loves collaborative work that helps illustrate their experiences and bring their visions to life.

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Temple. #illustration #art #surreal

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Mais is constantly experimenting with platforms in which she can express herself. Her goals for the future are to create more music and venture into the world of moving arts; to work on animations that help show the magic in life.

We hope you’ll love Mais’ art like we do. Check her out on Instagram!

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